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Hi, my name’s Heidi Mumford. I am a UK actress, writer and committed animal welfare campaigner.

Growing up in Suffolk, animals were a big part of my life. Our first family dog Bonnie was saved from an awful fate at a puppy farm.

Then there was my beloved horse Duke, who my family and I saved from starvation on a desolate field with no food or shelter, his owner had left him to rot. He was skin and bones when we took him home. His soul was broken and his eyes full of pain at what humans had done to him.

So, it was from an early age I understood that caring for animals was an instinctive path, and as an adult I deeply want to make an impactful change to the welfare of all animals here in the UK and beyond.  I hope to achieve this by doing something pioneering and something that will empower people to act and protect those without a voice.

Animal abuse has risen to unprecedented levels in recent years. Every 30 seconds someone phones the RSPCA to report animal abuse and cruelty, and each year 150,000 cases are reported. That doesn’t take into account the cases that go undetected, behind closed doors and out of sight.

In the UK alone, there’s been recent cases of puppies being buried alive, kittens cooked alive in microwaves, a dog beaten to death with a baseball bat, horses so starving they collapse and die, their eyes gauged out and genitals slashed.

The list goes on and on. Some of the perpetrators were caught and jailed. Many weren’t.


Why Support Us?

Our initial fundraising was to secure the £5,000 to secure UK charitable status. We achieved that and now we need on-going support to continue our work and to build and refine the software. The first version of the app will be trailed by a major organisation this autumn and shall be available on iTunes.

What are the Benefits?

I’ve seen so much in the news and in social media on animal abuse and it only seems to be on the rise. Too many times I’ve heard people say, “he should be stopped “or “she shouldn’t be allowed to have pets” or, my favorite, “someone should report them”.

Indeed, someone should. The problem is gathering and producing evidence that can help lead to and secure a prosecution. I want to be able to address these flaws with the EthicalPup website and app.


What was the incentive?

Not all pets are quite so unlucky as the ones we’re campaigning for. Our own two, Indiana Jones and Fred, mean the world to us and we give them a lovely life – we just want the same for all the others.

The RSPCA and other charities admit they’re struggling to cope with the unprecedented rise of cruelty: all this goes on here, in this country, under our noses. We can stop this. Animals do not have a voice but WE do.

The Technology

We have built a pioneering piece of software- an app and sister website which work symbiotically.

Wherever you are in the UK, and then eventually in the world, and you witness animal torture, abuse or neglect-DON’T WAIT to report until you get home.

Take live footage there and then, AS IT HAPPENS. Your report will then be uploaded to our website via a secure and confidential portal-which is then transmitted to the relevant authority.

Ultimately this could mean life or death to the abused animal. That’s our mission-to get to those animals that need us the most-in time.

Once built, our app will be available to download and use via iOS and the end to animal cruelty can begin. Once we gain more funds we shall refine the app and build across other platforms to make it inclusive. 

The end goal is providing an easy and efficient channel, through which the public can provide alerts and supporting evidence to the relevant authorities so they can take necessary action.

The initial funds and sponsorships will be used to develop the site and app, so that we can expand to build channels with recognised organisations, not just here in the UK, but around the globe. Animal abuse is on everyone’s doorstep and fighting it is everyone’s responsibility.

Please support us today.

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