EthicalAnimal App Available Now!




The Ethical Animal reporting app is now available for free download on iTunes. Whether you are concerned that an animal is being  neglected or have witnessed an animal being abused, Ethical Animal app enables you to capture evidence and report it as it happens.

Don’t wait until it’s too late-downland today.


1 in 2 UK homes own a pet. There are 22 million pets in the UK. We are clearly a nation of animal lovers. However the RSPCA receives 1.3 million calls to report abuse and crimes against animals. In 2013 they prosecuted or pursued 150,000 offenders. Many offenders escape justice to to lack of evidence. According to the RSPCA 2014 has been the cruelest year yet with animal abuse cases peaking.

The RSPCA have called the summer of 2014 the ‘Cruelest Summer’ yet, with cases peaking and calls to report abuse every 30 seconds.

EthicalAnimal App

Clearly there is a need for a better system and a way for the public to support the incredible work the RSPCA and animal charities undertake.
EthicalAnimal app intends to provide this by letting you the general public have a way of reporting animal torture, abuse or neglect allowing it to be securely transmitted to the relevant authorities.


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