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Our pioneering software is under development and will be available soon to download via iOS. In the meantime do get in touch and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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All donations and funding will be directly used to build, promote, disseminate and maintain our platform, with the end goal of reaching as many stockholders around the works, as we can


Dog Fighting Revealed!

Dog fighting is illegal in countries including the UK and US. Unfortunately, that does not stop it happening, it just happens in secret.


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Our Mission

At EthicalPup our mission is very simple-to end animal abuse in the UK and beyond. Ethical Pup seeks to protect ALL animals, whether it’s domestic pets, wildlife, farm animals or livestock, by working alongside UK animal protection charities and most importantly, the public.

By building a pioneering new ‘whistle-blowing’ mobile App and reporting platform, the first of its kind, we will enable everyone, to report abuse, confidentially, AS IT HAPPENS.

No delay, no being put on hold or searching for the right person to speak to and no fear of reprisals.

The critical factor is rescuing the animals IN TIME.

The software has been built and we had a soft launch of the first version of the app. We decided the first version wasn’t to a high enough standard so we are rebuilding and will shortly launch version 2 which will be available this autumn.

We have added more guideline questions to the app as well as vet locator.

We are simultaneously building the android version.

By using the app you will be helping the authorities and welfare organizations by streamlining data processing, so that they can focus on what’s really important – investigating reports and saving animals in time.

Many prosecutions fail down to lack of detailed information, data and image capture – The EthicalPup App will help solve this in a way that hasn’t been done before now.

Every 30 seconds the RSPCA takes a call reporting animal abuse. That’s 150,000 cases a year. Not counting the cases that aren’t reported. Animal torture has risen by one quarter in the last year alone. It is time for change.

Last year alone, kittens were put in microwaves to die an unimaginable death, horses mutilated, dumped, and left to die, dogs slashed with knives, shot, beaten and abandoned by their owners.

The case of Roxy, the bulldog, left chained in the kitchen by her owner, Katy Gammon, to starve to death alone and in agony. Poor Sacha the Collie, who was slashed, stabbed and burned repeatedly by her owner, and little Bridgett the puppy whose owners doused in bleach and set her alight.

All of this goes on right here in the UK on our doorsteps.

Animals feel pain and pleasure, anxiety and depression the same as we do. They have no voice and little ability to protect themselves against committed abusers and welfare violators, so they rely on us to be their voice and advocates.

Never before has there been a greater need for the EthicalPup App. So help us with our fundraising, please.

Animal Torture is everyone’s responsibility. Help us to Blow the Whistle on animal torture and neglect. Help us to save all the Roxys, Bridgetts, Saschas and countless others, that have no voice.

We need your help so please donate today.


Some of the campaigns we feel strongly about.

The Miracle of Patrick

Meet Patrick. At first, your heart will cringe at the sight of him. Patrick was found wrapped in a garbage bag and stuffed down a chute. A garbage truck was ready to take him away, until he was rescued at the last moment. It's not certain how Patrick ended up in the...

Ask your MP to speak up!

Last year Pup Aid launched an e-petition to help ban the sale of young puppies and kittens unless their mothers are present. Over 100,000 people signed our e-petition and we are now guaranteed a debate in Parliament. The debate is likely to take place in March and we...

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