A Time Critical Issue

 We are a small team of welfare activists dedicated to the eradication of animal abuse and neglect.

We want to facilitate an easier reporting mechanism that enables the authorities to act on ‘tip offs’ and reports, at a stronger and more responsive  pace, ensuring that more animals get the help they need, in time.

We also want to promote a better education programme of animal welfare throughout the UK and beyond.

Whether you have witnessed a case of an animal being tortured or abused, or you are concerned for the welfare of an animal, please don’t wait. Report it now with the EthicalPup app, available on iTunes.

Animal abuse takes many forms, and can include domestic and covert abuse of pets, farm animals and livestock, acts of animal torture, acts of inflicting pain and distress, acts of neglect and criminal activities such as dog fighting and badger baiting.

The app is designed for the protection of all animals in danger and distress, whether it’s domestic pets, farm animals or livestock and wildlife.

The Ethical Animal app and its sister website operate on a secure and confidential platform, in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Your details will only be submitted to the relevant authority on a confidential basis. We take your security and privacy seriously.